Wills and Advance Planning



Providing Peace of Mind to your family and loved ones is the caring and responsible thing to do. While we all know that the eventuality of death is unavoidable, we often find it difficult to take steps in planning ahead. This is why MemoryGuard, and selected services and providers are making it a little bit easier for you to do the right thing.

Right now, you can request a free Last Will and Testament prepared especially for you and legal in your State, and/or an Advance Planning Kit delivered right to you at no cost or obligation. Having a Will and your funeral plans in order can be a precious gift of Peace of Mind that your family will appreciate when the time comes.  

Simply fill out the Free, no-obligation request form indicating your State of residence, and Provider in your area will facilitate your request. Don't leave your family guessing, worrying or unprepared to handle the burden of making your arrangements. Do the responsible thing and get a head start by planning ahead.

Planning Kit Request